French  "La Revue Ford" 1928-1936

   Left to right: 1930 December

   Left to right: 1931 August, 1931 September, 1931 December

              02_32s.jpg (15203 bytes)               
   Left to right: 1932 January, February, March,

                   07_33_s.jpg (17781 bytes)                   
   Left to right:  1932 October, 1933 June, 1933 July

   Left to right:  1933 August, 1934 Januari, 1934 October,

    Left to right:   1934 December,1935 February, 1935 May

                 06_07_36s.jpg (17067 bytes) 
 Left to right:  1935 June, Jul1936 June/Juli

Do you have other issues of "La Revue Ford" 1928 to 1936, and want to share
the beauty to others. Please, send scans (~800x600).

Thanks to Johnson´s auto literature for some of the pictures.