Old Flathead Ford Engine Tools
                                                                              Some of them you can click on and look in to !!
                                         vlc_rod_s.JPG (12130 bytes)
Left:  Krw engine   stand
Mid:    Löwener engine  bank for rebuiling T, A and V8 engines.   (click on it)
Right: Vlc-tool to check conection rods 

                                                rear_main_bearing_tool_s.JPG (10247 bytes)   
Left:    Model A-Ford main bearing mold K.R. Wilson A300A, also hammer A300B (Model T-A-B-V8).
Right: Tool to size the rear main bearing (Axial size) A300F.

                                     carb_level_s.JPG (13248 bytes)                 
                                                                  Carburator Tools                                                                     Valve tools

 Do you have other interesting Flathead Ford Tools, and want to share
Please, send scans (~800x600) to robert.lundin@privat.utfors.se