Old Flathead Ford Wheel Tools
                                                                              Some of them you can click on and look in to !!
                         121t_s.jpg (21668 bytes)                
                                 Vlc rotating disc for wheel adjusting

                                                            Cap removing tool Vlc 15-012                  Two models of rear hub puller, Model A-B-V8 (right is the best)

              Vlc tools to check centering of break shoe  model A-B-V8 (front and rear)          brake lining grinder vlc BV383 model A&B
                                                                                                                                                                                                          (Should be monted on a machine)

                                                                                        Tool for removing rear wheel hub seal, bearing tool

If you find something "in error" or have some extra information about the tools on this or other pages
please let me know. Especially names on tools, type etc, year of use ....is higly appreciated.

 Do you have other interesting Flathead Ford Tools, and want to share
Please, send scans (~800x600) to robert.lundin@privat.utfors.se